Upgrading Asus Prime Z370-A ME Firmware without running Windows

I have a ASUS Z370-A Prime motherboard. I don’t run Windows natively, but do under Virtualbox on Ubuntu Linux. Asus released an Intel Firmware Update with only a Windows MEUpdaterTool executable. I Created a WinPE image from my Virtualbox Windows 10 virtual machine, which I dd’d onto a USB, and managed to use the Intel […]

Grandstream HandyTone 503 BT (UK) Caller ID / Display Settings

After fiddling with the settings for Caller ID on my FXO port, I finally found something that works: Caller ID Scheme: SIN 227 – BT FSK Caller ID Minimum RX Level (dB): -40 FSK Caller ID Seizure Bits: 96 FSK Caller ID Mark Bits: 55 Caller ID Transport Type: Relay via SIP From If you […]